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With so many conferences & workshops taking place this year, you may be asking yourself (and us!):


Why is this gathering taking place? Why should I be a part of it?

 Our answer is simple.


There is no change possible in our world if there is not first change in us.



We change by learning more, by challenging our perspectives, by growing the ways in which we connect to each other, our work and our communities.


Evolve 2021 will change you.

So that you can change your world.

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October 20-22, 2021

Partial session schedule

Confirmed Conveners

Tova Averbuch

Dick Axelrod

Emily Axelrod

Jean Bartunek

Amanda Trosten-Bloom

Rachel Bolton

Doug Breitbart

Gervase Bushe

Yasmeen Burns

Steve Cady

David Campt

Xavier Castener

Helena Clayton

Chris Corrigan

Giovanna D'Alessio

Suzanne Daigle

Jenny Drescher

Davitta Ealy

Dr. Wendy Edmonds

Petra Eickhoff

David Fearon, Sr.

David Feron, Jr.

Peggy Holman

David Isaacs

Tina Gattermann

Stephan Geffers

Tanya Gibson

Helene Biandudi Hofer

Yabome Gilpin-Jackson

Jake Jacobs

Dave Jamieson

Sandra Janoff

Amri Johnson

Zairah Khan

Matt Kutz

Ame Lambert

Phylis Lan Lin

Lee Lu

Jyo Maan

Karen Magunson

Bob Marshak

Fred Miller

Matt Minihan

Haesun Moon

Leah Noblitt

Marlene Ogawa

Ellen Ornato

Harrison Owen

Vijayakumar Parameswaran

Rena Priest

Ben Roberts

Cathy Royal

Christine Whitney Sanchez

Bill Scott

Edgar Schein

Peter Schein

Kara Schmitt

Tony Silbert

Jen Silbert

Todd Siler

Michael Skoler

Jackie Stavros

Renee Smith

Harvey Siefter

Theo Forde-Stiegler

Dr. Sarah Stiltner

Aiko Suzuki

Tanya Cruz Teller

Barbara Thomas & Rick Hotchner

Arielle Threlkeld-Sullivan

Cheri Torres

Max Watanabe

Ilene Wasserman

Diana Whitney

Birgitt Williams

Jake Yeager

Dr. Hyung Joon Yoon

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